Essential Oils

Essential Wellness & doTerra Oils

“doTerra: means “gift of the Earth”…

…and doTerra essentials oils certainly are a gift, drawn from the earth, for us to enjoy.

Not only are the aromas wonderful, but they are also Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, with many supportive benefits and practical uses for your greater well being.

I am a certified doTerra wellness advocate and I would love, love, love to help you select the essential oils that can best support your personal needs and enjoyment. I am constantly AMAZED at their quality and effectiveness.

We can work together in two ways. Ready? Here we go.

First, schedule a consultation with me. You’ll get to experience a selection of essential oils to support your personal needs and enjoyment. I will also share the BEST ways to save money on purchases and earn product credits.

Second, you can purchase oils online right here! You can access great information on doTerra essential oils and select specific ones to fulfill your needs for an online order.

Bonus choice!
Are you curious about becoming a Wellness Advocate yourself?  Come learn about my small team of advocates and co-create an oils business with us!